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"A Pioneering Children's Book"   
Cristobal Cologro Tu Fin Por Fin Llegó P
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Rebeldita the Fearless in Ogreland Rebeldita la Alegre en el País de los Ogros Dra. Siu Dr

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History textbooks, teachers and school curricula insist on negating and brushing off the realities of a continent for over 500 years occupied.  This history is taught as a fairytale to children - one that is comprised of gigantic foundational lies. These lies permeate the core of what children grow up to believe about themselves, others, and the land they live on.

So, I write children's books to undo these foundational  fairytales because the consequences of whitewashing history -and books- are atrocious. And because children are fully capable of engaging, contesting, and becoming empowered by the truth -when we allow for it.

 Dr. Siu

By Ethnic Studies and Education scholar-educators:

Dr. Oriel María Siu
Dr. Bárbara I. Abadía Rexach

Dr. Kate E. Kedley
Verónica Valadez, MA


and full of resources,
activities and discussion questions to accompany educators reading Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over! with children.
Adaptable for all age groups.


Dr. Siu

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YES MAGAZINE - "Children's Author Tells the True Story of Columbus' Exploits" By Sonali Kolhatkar

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Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over! is chosen among Rethinking School's top picks for books and recommended resources for the social justice curriculum and classroom

Al dia news Dr Siu Christopher columbus.jpg

Dr. Siu in Al Día News, "Books and Authors standing Against Fairytales"

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Dr. Siu and the Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium collaboration | Free, ongoing training sessions and workshops for educators

Rebeldita the Fearless in Ogreland Dr_ed

TRUTHOUT: "Children's Book Authors Are Fighting Back Against Censorthip and Book Bans" By Eleanor Bader

UCLA Christopher the Ogre Cologre Oriel Maria Siu

The Inclusive Children's Books of Oriel María Siu UCLA Newsroom

South Seattle Emerald Dr Oriel Maria Siu Christopher the Ogre Cologre It's Over!.png

"Every school library should carry Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It’s Over! to encourage students to learn about Indigenous people’s true power of strength and spirit." South Seattle Emerad


Dra. Siu, escritora hondureña que con sus libros infantiles educa sobre temas de importancia social Tu Nota

Christopher the Ogre Cologre It's Over Dr. Siu YES MAGAZINE MALCOLM X BALDWIN.png

Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over! makes Yes Magazine's list of 11 books to share alongside James Baldwin's Go Tell It On The Mountain, Joy Harjo's Poet Warrior, and The Awakening of Malcolm X by Ilyasah Shabazz and Tiffany D. Jackson. Yes! Magazine

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Dr. Siu to Keynote Las Vegas Book Festival, 2021

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"New Children's Book Challenges Columbus Narrative from an Indigenous Perspective" By Rae Rose for Last Real Indians

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"How Family Separation Inspired a Children's Book About a Fearless Girl" - by Dorany Pineda for LA Times

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Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over!


"Sobre ogros y muros" Entrevista con Róger Lindo

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"Central American author smashes borders, one children’s book at a time" by Alexis Terrazas, El Tecolote


UC Berkley Dr. Siu Lecture

The Author


Oriel María Siu (1981) is Náhuatl/Pipil/Chinese - a writer, scholar, and educator born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Daughter to a strong & mighty Náhuatl/Pipil-Salvadoran-Guatemalan mother, and a dedicated Chinese Nicaraguan father, Dr. Siu had to leave her homeland for Los Angeles, California, in 1997.


Since her arrival in Los Angeles, Dr. Siu has contributed to the creation of cultural and academic spaces for the growing  Central American, Indigenous, Black and Brown communities in the U.S., helping establish the first Central American Studies Program at California State University, Northridge in 1999, and founding the Latina/o Studies program at the University of Puget Sound in 2012.  Throughout her journey as an educator, Dr. Siu has been a strong proponent of Ethnic Studies, contributing her research, writing and teaching to sustaining and expanding this transformative, needed, academic field.

Dr. Siu holds a Masters in Latin American Literatures from UC Berkeley, and a Doctoral Degree in Cultural Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has taught courses on race, immigration, Central American, Chicana/o and Latinx literatures, while publishing multiple articles,  chapters, and academic works on these topics in numerous national and international journals and books.  Among the universities where Dr. Siu has taught are  UCLA, the University of Puget Sound, Chapman University, and Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.


After becoming a mother in 2013, Dr. Siu encountered the problem all socially-conscious parents face: the lack of inspiring, empowering, historically on-point, and culturally sensitive books for children of color in the U.S.  So she decided to write her own. She is now writing the children’s book series, Rebeldita the Fearless / Rebeldita la Alegre,  published by Izote and Rebeldita Press. In this series, Dr. Siu centralizes the power of children vis-a-vis destructive ogre-forces living in society.


Dr. Siu lives and writes out of  Los Angeles, California, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras, with her daughter Suletu Ixakbal.

In 2020, Dr. Siu was selected "Top Ten New Latino Latinx Authors" by Latino Stories for her contributions to children's literature in the United States.

La Autora

Oriel María Siu nació en San Pedro Sula, Honduras (1981).  Es orgullosamente pipil/china/centroamericana de madre pipil salvadoreña/guatemalteca y de padre chino/nicaragüense. En 1997 se vio en la necesidad de salir de su país, y emigró a Los Ángeles, California, donde en 1999, ayudó a fundar el primer programa de estudios centroamericanos en Estados Unidos en la Universidad Estatal de California, Northridge. 

En el 2005 concluyó una maestría en literaturas latinoamericanas de la Universidad de California, Berkeley, y en el 2012 obtuvo su doctorado en Letras de la Universidad de California, Los Ángeles.  Ha impartido numerosos cursos de literatura, inmigración y estudios étnicos en diferentes universidades estadounidenses, incluyendo la Universidad de Puget Sound en el estado de Washington, donde fundó el programa de Latino Studies, y en Loyola Marymount University, en Los Ángeles, sin dejar de lado su amor por la creación literaria.  Vive y escribe en Los Ángeles, California, y San Pedro Sula, Honduras, acompañada de su hija Suletu Ixakbal.  Su meta es seguir en la creación de libros que inspiren a su hija y a todos los niños del mundo a crear y luchar por la vida, la justicia, y nuestra MamaTierra.  

En el 2020, la Dra. Siu fue seleccionada una de las/los 10 mejores escritoras y escritores de descendencia Latinoamericana en EEUU por Latino Stories. 




PhD - University of California Los Angeles, 2012


MA - University of California Berkeley, 2007


BAs - CSU Northridge, Magna Cum Laude, 2004   

Hispanic Languages and Literatures BA

Chicana/Chicano Studies BA

Central Amrican Studies

Scholarly Publications


Siu, Oriel María. " White by Design: The United States' Long Enduring History of Family Separation" Last Real Indians, November 2020.


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Siu, Oriel María. “Prólogo” de Inmortales, novela de Oscar René Benítez.  Segunda Edición, 2016. 


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Meyer, Bethany; Siu, Oriel María; Venegas, Gabriela.  “La visión femenina ante el amor, la naturaleza y la historia: Una charla con Gioconda Belli”.  Mester.  Vol. XXXVII. Los Ángeles, 2008.  


Siu, Oriel María. “Reflexiones de una centroamericana sobre el encuentro intergaláctico entre los pueblos zapatistas y el mundo”. La voz. Berkeley, February 2007.


Orona-Cordova, Roberta ed. “Are You Mexican?” by Oriel María Siu, contributor. Chicano/a Studies Reader: A Bridge to Writing. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co, 2003.

Public Talks

"Undoing Foundational Fairytales One Children's Book at a Time" Eastern Washington University, May 2022


"Rewriting Foundational Fairytales" Las Vegas Book Festival Keynote Speaker, October 2021

"Creative Writing, Children's Literature & The Public Intellectual of Color" UC Berkeley, October 2020.

“Family Separation and the Racialized U.S. Deportation Regime - from Past to Present“ University of Puget Sound, Fall 2018.


“Separating Families of Color: The Racialized U.S. Deportation Regime from Past to Present” Keynote Speaker, Glendale Community College. Fall 2018.


“Literatures from the Central American Diaspora” Cal Poly Pomona. January 2018.


“La íntima muerte en la primera novela centroamericana de la diáspora: Inmortales (1983)” Latin American Studies Association (LASA). New York. May 2016.


Guest Lecture, Chicano Studies Department CSUN: “War Without End and the Disobeying Signs of the Central American Diaspora: On Survival and Resistance” California State University Northridge, Chicano Studies Department. April 2016.


Keynote Address, “Decolonizing the University: Transcending it through Beautiful Struggle.” For “Latinos in Education” Lecture Series, Bellevue College, Seattle. October 2015.


“Disposable Bodies: On the Racialized U.S. Deportation and Incarceration Regimes.” Yellow House Lecture Series. University of Puget Sound, October 2015.


“The Tattooed Soldier and Central American Cultural Productions in Diaspora.” Invited guest speaker. University of Puget Sound LAS, October 2015.


“El gato de sí mismo y la desobediente palabra: Sobre otras formas ser y migrar en la narrativa centroamericana de la diaspora”. Latin American Studies Association (LASA). San Juan, Puerto Rico. 2015.


Keynote Address, Students of Color Graduation Ceremony. "On the Colonial Legacy of Universities, the Transcendence of Struggles and Building Communities of Resistance.” University of Puget Sound, May 2015.


CLST 1998 – Race in Contemporary Society (Loyola Marymount University)


CLST 1116 – Introduction to Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies (Loyola Marymount University)


LTS 400 – On Whiteness and the Pervasive Cultures of Racism: Towards a De-Linking (A Special Topics Latino Studies Seminar, University of Puget Sound)


LTS 400 – The Coloniality of Power and the Latino Experience in These Times of War: Immigration, Detentions, Race, and Resistance (A Special Topics Latino Studies Seminar University of Puget Sound)


LTS 300 – U.S. Latina/o Literatures: Transgressive, Disobedient Enunciations from Latina/o America (University of Puget Sound)


LTS 200 – A Critical Introduction to Latina/o America (University of Puget Sound)


LTS 401 – Independent Research in the Latino Community: A Capstone Course for the Latino Studies Minor (University of Puget Sound)


SPAN495 – Undoing Central American Invisibility in the U.S: An Oral History Project (University of Puget Sound)


SPAN 495 – Remapping Central America through Literature: A Close Study of Three Seminal Novels from the Diaspora (University of Puget Sound)


SPAN 310 – Central American Literatures: On Margins, Banana Books, War, Diaspora, and Disenchantment


SPAN 300 – Literatura, teoría y práctica: Hacia una aproximación crítica al estudio de las literaturas latinoamericanas


SPAN 212 – Cultures of Resistance in Latina/o America


SPANISH – All levels of Spanish language, from introductory courses, to Spanish for heritage speakers and advanced research (Champman University and UCLA)


University Courses Taught



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