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"A must"

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"A literary wonder"

"A literary wonder"


"Our pick for the social justice curriculum"

Best Children's Fiction Picture Book


Read  the Rebeldita the Fearless series

Cristobal Cologro Tu Fin Por Fin Llegó Por la Dra. Siu Rebeldita la Alegre_edited.jpg

Christopher the Ogre Cologre,
It's Over!

GIGANTIC LIES meet EMPOWERING TRUTHS in this masterfully written, fun, family friendly book finally bringing children, parents, and educators the real history of Christopher Columbus and the Americas...

From the   Rebeldita the Fearless Dr. Siu children's book series  

By scholar and educator Dr. Siu 

Translation: Matthew Byrne  | Illustrations: Víctor Zúñiga

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 8.24_edited.png

FREE and full of resources, activities and discussion questions to accompany  teachers using Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over! in classrooms. Adaptable for all age groups.

By Ethnic Studies and Education scholar-educators:

Dr. Oriel María Siu
Dr. Bárbara I. Abadía Rexach

Dr. Kate E. Kedley
Verónica X. Valadez, MA

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Praise for Christopher the Ogre Colgre, It's Over!

This book shifts the paradigm in elementary school curricula regarding Columbus and white settler colonialism.

It's wonderful!

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Author of An Indigenous People's History of the United States

Every school library should carry Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It’s Over!

South Seattle Emerald


Dr. Kate E. Kedley

Professor of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Education 

Children and adults need to have the opportunity to address and critique the ways our histories are told, and too frequently schools and teachers don’t offer these chances, or don’t know how. Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over! is a must have addition for all classrooms from the elementary grades, to high school, and university history classes. As a parent and professor of critical literacy and education, I am excited to have a children’s book with a Central American author, and a multiracial and multinational feminist protagonist, who stands up for the truth against the dangerous myths about the Americas and Columbus that have been propagated for years.

Renee Simms Christopher the Ogre Cologre Dr Oriel Maria Siu.png

Renee Simms

Novelist, Lawyer, Educator

Author of Meet Behind Mars

Here is a book, beautifully illustrated and written, that accurately describes how we’ve resisted and continue to resist the violence of settler colonialism. I’m so grateful that generations of young readers will have a hero like Rebeldita the Fearless to read and admire.

Hulleah Christopher The Ogre Cologre Its Over.jpg

Professor Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie

Curator, Photographer and Professor of Native American Studies, UC Davis

There are many roads to travel when introducing Indigenous children to the brutalities of colonization. One must take into consideration the spirit of the child, and the strength of the ancestors.


Dr. Siu has written a book that recalls truths of past machinations, and cleverly dismantles colonial lies with rhyme. Rebeldita brilliantly carries the dreams of the ancestors with respect and continuous resilience, without doubt, nourishment for the soul.

Headshot Ventana.jpg

Verónica Xochitl Valadez, MA

Chicana/o Studies & Ethnic Studies Professor, Ethnic Studies Consultant, and Co-founder of Ehecatl Wind Philosophies

Dr. Siu's Christopher the Ogre Cologre it's Over!  challenges the colonialist & dehumanizing "dominant" narrative written about Christopher Columbus that has caused so much harm to the original peoples of AbyaYala. The book helps children and adults unpack, discover, and protect TRUTH in a manner that is empowering and healing. It opens opportunities for young readers to see themselves as AGENTS of change, protectors of TRUTH, and practitioners of RESISTANCE. A must-have for any Ethnic Studies classroom!


Dr. Theresa Montaño

Chicana/o Studies Professor and Co-Founder Liberated Ehtnic Studies Model Curriculum Coalition

It's over for the evil settler colonialist, Christopher the Ogre Cologre! - A beautiful children's tale of love and revolutionary spirit.  Dr. Siu's beautiful story of intergenerational warriors has us on a quest to protect truth, cultural knowledge, and teach us that history cannot be denied! 

Barbarba Dra. Idalisse BadiaRexach.jpg

Bárbara I. Abadía-Rexach, PhD

Afropuertorican Anthropologist

San Francisco State University

Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over! should be read by people of all ages, as it helps to unlearn and question the "official" stories that have turned our lives upside down. This latest children's book by Dr. Siu challenges and transgresses Eurocentrism and the colonial discourses of the Americas while celebrating AbyaYala, Africa the Beautiful, and all the Rebelditas of yesterday, today and tomorrow. It's a must!

Christine Sleeter.jpg

Dr. Christine Sleeter

Expert on anti-racist Multicultural education, Ethnic Studies, and Teacher Education. Author of over 150 articles in books and journals, and 23 books.

I love Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It’s Over! by Rebeldita the Fearless and Dr. Oriel María Siu. What an amazing way to empower children and youth to resist decades of colonialism and speak their truths! This clever, insightful, and beautifully illustrated book offers a profound message in a wonderfully inviting way.

Work pic 2.jpg

Dr. Michael Hale

Professor of English Umoja Learning Community Co-Coordinator Santa Rosa Junior College

Because of the cadence and rhyme scheme, readers might compare Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over! to Dr. Seuss. But Dr. Seuss never listened to the voices of abolitionists and anti-colonialists. Dr. Siu has. Her urgently important book invites us to listen to the voices of truth-seekers and freedom-fighters so that we may imagine a world beyond Ogres and the oppressive systems that create them, and more than just imagine, learn how to organize in inter-generational, multi-racial communities with joy, humor, and a ferrous determination for freedom.

Sean Arce, PhD.jpg

Dr. Sean Arce

Ethnic Studies Professor and Teacher

Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It’s Over! is a must read for elementary Ethnic Studies students and teachers! Dr. Siu’s work is a consciousness-raising literary wonder to be used to break down concepts such as “colonization” and “resistance” to both younger students and teachers alike. Moreover, the righteous Rebeldita serves as an honorable model for students to counter all systems of oppression, informing and inspiring our youth to act and live as agents of change to not only imagine, but in fact, to create a more just and humanizing world for those who have been racialized and dehumanized in our society.

Dr Enrique Ochoa Christopher the Ogre Cologre Its Over.png

Dr. Enrique Ochoa

Public Historian and Latin American Studies Professor, CAL State LA

Christopher the Ogre Cologre, Its Over! is a revolutionary book for kids of all ages. In it, Dr. Siu breaks down colonialism and exposes it for what it is —a system in which Ogres go “to faraway lands” and “steal other people’s things,” labor, lives, destroy the environment, and write their own history for all to memorialize. The fearless Rebeldita reminds us, however, that power lies in our histories and otros saberes that have fueled over 500 years of resistance.


History textbooks, teachers and school curricula insist on negating and brushing off the realities of a continent for over 500 years occupied.  This history is taught as a fairytale to children - one that is comprised of gigantic foundational lies. These lies permeate the core of what children grow up to believe about themselves, others, and the land they live on.

So, I write children's books to undo these foundational  fairytales because the consequences of whitewashing history -and books- are atrocious. And because children are fully capable of engaging, contesting, and becoming empowered by the truth -when we allow for it.

In the news


"Children's Author Tells the True Story of Columbus' Exploits" YES Magazine by Sonali Kolhatkar

Rebeldita the Fearless in Ogreland Dr. Siu Christopher the Ogre Cologre It's Over Alicia S

TRUTHOUT: "Children's Book Authors Are Fighting Back Against Censorthip and Book Bans" By Eleanor Bader

Christopher Columbus books.png

Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over! chosen among Rethinking School's top picks for books and recommended resources for the social justice curriculum and classroom.

UCLA Christopher the Ogre Cologre Oriel Maria Siu

The Inclusive Children's Books of Oriel María Siu - UCLA Newsroom

South Seattle Emerald Dr Oriel Maria Siu Christopher the Ogre Cologre It's Over!.png

"Every school library should carry Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It’s Over! to encourage students to learn about Indigenous people’s true power of strength and spirit." South Seattle Emerald

Christopher the Ogre Cologre It's Over Dr. Siu YES MAGAZINE MALCOLM X BALDWIN.png

Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over! makes Yes Magazine's list of 11 books to share alongside James Baldwin's Go Tell It On The Mountain, Joy Harjo's Poet Warrior, and The Awakening of Malcolm X by Ilyasah Shabazz and Tiffany D. Jackson. Yes! Magazine

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 9.38.16 AM.png

Dr. Siu to Keynote Las Vegas Book Festival, 2021

Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over Dr. Oriel Maria Siu.jpg

"New Children's Book Challenges Columbus Narrative from an Indigenous Perspective" By Rae Rose for Last Real Indians

ORIEL SIU FB_IMG_1631546877131.jpg

"How Family Separation Inspired a Children's Book About a Fearless Girl" - by Dorany Pineda for LA Times

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 11.21.06 AM.png

Cristóbal Cologro, ¡Tu Fin Por Fin Llegó!


"Sobre ogros y muros" Entrevista con Róger Lindo

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 6.40.37 PM.png

"Central American author smashes borders, one children’s book at a time" by Alexis Terrazas, El Tecolote


UC Berkley Dr. Siu Lecture

The Author


Oriel María Siu (1981) is a Náhutal/Pipil/Chinese writer and educator from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Daughter to a strong & mighty NáhuatlPipil-Salvadoran-Guatemalan mother, and a dedicated Chinese Nicaraguan father, Oriel had to leave her homeland for Los Angeles, California, in 1997.


She has since dedicated herself to the creation of cultural and academic spaces for the growing  Central American, Indigenous, Black and Brown communities in the U.S., helping to establish the first Central American Studies Program at California State University, Northridge in 1999, and founding the Latina/o Studies program at the University of Puget Sound in 2012.  Throughout her journey as an educator, Dr. Siu has remained a strong proponent of Ethnic Studies, contributing her research, writing and teaching to sustaining and expanding this transformative and much needed academic field.

Dr. Siu holds a Masters in Latin American Literatures from UC Berkeley, and a Doctoral Degree in Cultural Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has taught courses on race, immigration, Central American, Chicana/o and Latinx literatures, while publishing multiple articles,  chapters, and academic works on these topics in numerous national and international journals and books.  Among the universities where Dr. Siu has taught are  UCLA, the University of Puget Sound, Chapman University, and Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.


After becoming a mother in 2013, Dr. Siu encountered the problem all socially-conscious parents face: the lack of inspiring, empowering, historically on-point, and culturally sensitive books for children of color in the U.S.  So she decided to write her own. She is now writing the children’s book series, Rebeldita the Fearless / Rebeldita la Alegre. In this series, Dr. Siu centralizes the power of children vis-a-vis destructive ogre-forces living in society.

In 2020, Dr. Siu was selected "Top Ten New Latino Latinx Authors" by Latino Stories for her contributions to children's literature in the United States.

©  2022 Oriel María Siu. All Rights Reserved.
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